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Usually it's Asian medicine that gets all the attention, but Africa has its own holistic healing traditions, too. You can receive an introduction to the continent's medicinal riches in two workshops at the New York Open Center. The first part introduces students to "Orisha Spirits, Medicinal Plants and the Power of Sound," while the second concerns "Working with Medicinal Plants to Address Common Illnesses."


Some authors have posited that in only a few decades, computers will achieve self-knowledge and begin to take over the world. That doesn't give us much time to learn as much as we can, so we can maintain our mastery. You can get an accelerated education at Columbia University by taking computer science classes via their Postbaccalaureate Program. Helpful courses beginning in January include "Introduction to Computer Science," "Computer Science Theory," and "Machine Learning."


According to excavations in Africa, humans have created jewelry for more than 75,000 years. So isn't it time you got in on the adornment action? In November, Pratt offers a four-day "Jewelry Design Intensive." In addition to teaching students how to source materials, the class will cover "working with wire; making perfect loops, wraps, and findings; stringing beads and pearls; traditional and nontraditional knotting; crimping"; and more.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Yorkville is a neighborhood somewhat starved for chic, but the boutique Style·licious aims to give those unremarkable blocks an extra measure of sparkle. Not only do they sell clothing and accessories, but they also offer classes geared toward both adults and teens to help you adorn them. Current ornamentation offerings include "Rhinestone Your Own Handbag," "Bead a Cuff Bracelet," and "Paint and Bedazzle Your Initials."


Are you being served? If you feel that your tennis game is at fault, bring your whites to the midtown Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club. In addition to private and group instruction, they offer morning doubles clinics and evening singles clinic as well as a tennis camp. The club boasts five indoor courts, encased in a translucent bubble, as well as an indoor swimming pool and sauna.


William Blake recommended seeing "heaven in a wild flower." But wouldn't he have preferred a nice bouquet? If you think floral arrangements are that much more paradisiacal, the Bronx's New York Botanical Garden offers a spate of divine classes. Late fall offerings include from "Elegant Flowers in a Glass Vase," "Ikebana: Moribana Style," "Basics of Sympathy Design," "Designing with Fall Flowers!" and instruction in creating a variety of holiday wreaths.


At this cultural moment, when you can be defined entirely by the photos on your Facebook page, it would behoove all of us to learn how to take some decent snaps. NYC Photo Workshop in Soho promises to teach you how in just one day. The basic camera course, limited to five students, introduces you to all the settings on your camera and teaches you to shoot both inside and outside, with an afternoon session to analyze the pictures you take on your lunch break.

Let's say you've already learned to shoot in light, dark, and in-between and your development skills are fully mature. If merely posting your pics to Picasa or Flickr has ceased to satisfy, there's a one-day session at The Exhibition Lab just for you. The Lab, a Chelsea space that aims to provide community and critique for shutterbugs, offers "How To Get a Gallerist's Attention (Without Losing Your Dignity)." This class discusses how to make contacts, approach galleries, and improve the chances that they'll take you on.


Staten Island isn't renowned for its air of mystery and mysticism, but the Snug Harbor Cultural Center begs to differ, offering "Paranormal Events," a series of conversations and tours involving local paranormal groups the New York Paranormal Society, SCARED!, and the Staten Island Paranormal Society. Parents and children over the age of 13 will learn about Staten Island's most haunted places and follow up with a visit to several of them, in which a paranormal investigator will show them how to detect ghostly presences.

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