Three Oscar Winners, An Ex Porn Goddess, And Elvis's Costar Who Became A Nun!

Familiar faces at a New Jersey autograph show for fading stars

And off I went—but not until talking to one of my faves, Betsy Russell from the teen prostie flick Avenging Angel and also five Saw movies. Alas, Betsy was a wet blanket, giving me one-word answers and an all-around "Get away" vibe. Was she mad I brought up Avenging Angel? But she was selling photos from it!

Still, vulnerable celebrities like these are my calling, whether their nipples are taped down or not. And one day, I'll find out what it's like to work with Jack Nicholson if it kills me.

Pam Grier keeps her nipples under control.
Angelo Pitillo
Pam Grier keeps her nipples under control.

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