Who Is the Greatest Living Playwright?

We ask theater writers to name their pick

Austin Pendleton
I guess I'd say Tony Kushner. Because his reach is vast, his passionate curiosity about the world we live in now (and how earlier times have affected the world we live in now) is positively contagious in his plays, his language does about anything I can imagine theatrical language doing, his vision is capable of the tragic, and he is a whole lot of fun.

Steve Cosson
I think “greatest” is only appropriate for such things that have decisive winners: greatest heavyweight champion, etc. The living writer I appreciate the most is Caryl Churchill for her mastery of language, her ever-curious imagination, and her passion for real-world politics.


David Greenspan
Because of my admiration for the accomplishments of my playwriting colleagues and the work I have thus far received from them, I would have to say that the playwright who affords me my next acting opportunity is without question the world's greatest living playwright. It must be understood, however, that that designation will be transferred successively to the playwrights who offer me subsequent engagements.

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