Sepalcure: Black Swans

The Brooklyn duo plumb bass music's depths

The duo has a four-hands-on approach, so Stewart's recent move to Berlin probably throws a kink into Sepalcure's future. "Every time I go [to Berlin], I just feel like I'm being really drawn to it," he says. "It's really cheap to live there, and it's got a really good mass transit system, so I don't need to drive. When I'm in New York, everybody just seems too busy to kind of hang out, and rightfully so. Everybody's grinding, making sure they can keep up with the high living standards and living costs of New York. When you don't have that factor in a place like Berlin, people just tend to hang out more. Black Swan really kind of refocused my energy into stuff like that. I'd rather be spending time working on stuff like that than staying on the road consistently."

At least Sharma has his girlfriend back—she has long since returned from her school year abroad. And she's not just around for moral support: "She does all our visuals," he says, then laughs: "Yeah, too much Sepalcure for her."

On the low end: Sepalcure
Megan Cullen
On the low end: Sepalcure

Location Info


Le Poisson Rouge

158 Bleecker St.
New York, NY 10012

Category: Music Venues

Region: Greenwich Village


107 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211-3001

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Brooklyn

Sepalcure play (le) Poisson Rouge on November 10; Braille performs at Zablozki's as part of the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival on November 12

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