Holiday Guide: Heat-Seeking Victuals

A five-borough tour of winter warm-up meals

Speaking of Latin-American food, there's much of a substantial nature in that arena to soothe frostbite. Start with a luscious serving of the garlicky, crackling-skinned pork roast called pernil, from La Isla Cuchifritos (1439 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-417-0668), where, despite the grab-and-go nature of most cuchifrito joints, there is ample seating. Even better is the product at El Nuevo Bohio (791 East Tremont Avenue, the Bronx, 718-299-4218), where dining on pig parts constitutes a sort of communal celebration. Once you're there, don't miss the blood sausage as well. Really, there's nothing quite like blood sausage to get yours flowing again.

Hoppers complement Banana Leaf's curries.
Liz Barclay
Hoppers complement Banana Leaf's curries.
Coppelia's mac'n'cheese'n'pigskin
Emmanuel Garcia
Coppelia's mac'n'cheese'n'pigskin

But why challenge yourself when all you really want is a good roast chicken? Sure, you could pick one up at Gourmet Garage, brush off some of the excess rosemary, and eat it in the privacy of your home. But why not chow down instead at Barbuto (775 Washington Street, 212-924-9700), named after a beloved hound? Rub elbows with Meatpacking habitués and models as you fork down the signature roast chicken of the locale, via celebrity chef Jonathan Waxman. It's served with Italian salsa verde, and we guarantee you've never had a better—or more comforting—bird.

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