2011's Best Comics and Graphic Novels

From cheesecake to wastelands to goth colonials

Speaking of politics, Go Fish (How to Win Contempt and Influence People) (Akashic Books, 224 pp., $18.95) offers sprightly polemics to usher in the election year. Mr. Fish (a/k/a Dwayne Booth) skewers past administrations (Bush on his knees planting flag-draped coffins for Earth Day) and also hammers the current regime (a desperately smiling Obama sits in a pumpkin patch under the sign "Welcome Great Recovery"). And since we're choosing "Bests," consider this for the cartoon crown: A long-haired artist turns from his painting of a bald gent, which he has labeled "FUCKING ASSHO," to ask the man posing for that portrait, "Can I have a grant so I can finish my art?"

Alex Toth, Mr. P.O.V.
Alex Toth, Mr. P.O.V.

Behold! Smarter and way ballsier than any "joke" painting by Richard Prince, it's the gag panel as conceptual art.

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