2011's Best Comics and Graphic Novels

From cheesecake to wastelands to goth colonials

Speaking of politics, Go Fish (How to Win Contempt and Influence People) (Akashic Books, 224 pp., $18.95) offers sprightly polemics to usher in the election year. Mr. Fish (a/k/a Dwayne Booth) skewers past administrations (Bush on his knees planting flag-draped coffins for Earth Day) and also hammers the current regime (a desperately smiling Obama sits in a pumpkin patch under the sign "Welcome Great Recovery"). And since we're choosing "Bests," consider this for the cartoon crown: A long-haired artist turns from his painting of a bald gent, which he has labeled "FUCKING ASSHO," to ask the man posing for that portrait, "Can I have a grant so I can finish my art?"

Behold! Smarter and way ballsier than any "joke" painting by Richard Prince, it's the gag panel as conceptual art.

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Stephen Conn
Stephen Conn

The best? My son's, of course-Radioactive Rabbiwww.amazon.comA humorous collection of comic strips for all ages about contemporary Jewish life, following the adventures of a super-powered Rabbi and his cynical sidekick, the Hanukkah Bunny.