The Year in Film: Handicapping the Poll

Sure, The Tree of Life won, but did it really win?

Asghar Farhadi's A Separation
Asghar Farhadi's A Separation



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10 For 2012

J. Hoberman's Personal Best
His 10 favorite of the year, plus 2

Handicapping the Poll
Sure, The Tree of Life won, but did it really win?

The Old Men and 3-D
Transcending the gimmick in 2011

Team Margaret
The best movie of the year (that you haven't been able to see). And 9 more picks.

People of the Year
Or: The Netflix meltdown, the resurrection of Harvey Weinstein, and Kristen Wiig's box office coup all in one list

Film Poll Voter Comments
Critics elaborate on their votes, their favorite movie moments of the year and OK OK WE GET IT YOU LIKE MARGARET

For me, the most fascinating cinema event of 2011 was that which caused crowds to line up on West 21st Street day and night for a 24-hour gallery installation, Christian Marclay's The Clock. For a few weeks, the hottest movie ticket in New York (and Los Angeles and Boston and London) was nothing more than the spectacle of time passing—and that spectacle passing for narrative suspense! Composed of a thousand clips digitally projected, The Clock was not a movie but The Movies—newly reinvented, the triumph of pure cinema for a post-film audience.

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