The Bunker Turns Nine

Bryan Kasenic's techno-plus party lives

Keeping things interesting is a big part of Kasenic's mandate, and the Bunker's anniversary parties are crucial to his strategy. Last year, the eighth anniversary bash featured the legendary Scottish duo Optimo in the front room and Italy's Donato Dozzy in the back for a full eight hours apiece. Plaslaiko, who played the after-hours in the upstairs loft for another eight, helped secure Carter for the nine-year party as well, says Kasenic: "He said: 'Dude, I'm going to [Berlin's] Panoramabar tonight to hang out with him. Why don't I just ask?' He talked him into it."

It couldn't have been difficult. Ultimately, the Bunker's draw is the night's—and its founder's—sensibility. "I worked at a record store," Kasenic says. "I worked in college radio. I grew up going to see bands and going to noise shows. I'm not really coming at this from a clubber's perspective, even though I did go out to Twilo, and I've been to raves, and I've been to parties in Detroit, and I appreciate all that. [For] a lot of the artists, it's why these guys love the party so much. They're that kind of person."

Scenes from the Bunker
Seze Devres/
Scenes from the Bunker

The Bunker's ninth anniversary party takes place at Public Assembly on Friday. More info at

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