Among New York playwriting programs, only Juilliard's postgraduate program is free, but it concludes with a diploma, not the MFA that some schools require for teaching positions, which many writers use to support themselves.

It's a missed opportunity, says Wellman, who notes that New York can offer a unique environment for writers. "People in New York have a special kind of energy, and there is a special kind of community here," he says. "Young writers here actually form their own communities, form their own small presses, form their own theater companies."

If playwrights go bankrupt, will only the bankrupt write plays?
Mladen Cvjetianin/Curtis Franklin
If playwrights go bankrupt, will only the bankrupt write plays?


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Without assistance, Wellman worries, students may move to centers with free programs and stay there, robbing New York of the creative class that helps make the city so singular. If universities and foundations don't find ways to make arts instruction more affordable and careers in the arts more viable, Wellman warns, "We're not going to have artists in New York anymore."

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yeah OR-

fund the theater industry, which is to say foster competition; which is to say increase overall quality... interest in the arts... strengthen (local) economies, same difference, right?

... OR just plain tell the dumb fucking kids they can NOT take the fucking money, how's that for a radical concept?

now just so that it's clear, under so benevolent and distinctive an approach to "educating" our precious cultural garde, would the inevitably vast, sudden flocks of yup-pportunist hacks clad with at-no-cost-to-them 'prestige' be vying for THE SAME admittedly scarce opportunities their fellow aspiring wordsmiths SANS the afore mentioned degrees will be nonetheless forced to mine for (you know, those youthful literati armed foremost with discipline and intellectual prowess be it instinctive, God-given, salt-of-the-earth-experience-acquired, you name it; to whose initial regard debt proves so glaringly antithetical), or will they be receiving the gold star treatment here too?

you know, aside from those who chose to, say, live at home in to their 30's thusly giving up the unessentials such as privacy; romance; sex; society; parenthood; employment benefits or simply put that goddamn sanity thing whilst they undertake the honing of their craft?

those old fashioned coots who do not need the charitable revelations of a renegade, crusader of truth instructor to intuit that NO INSTRUCTOR under the heavens is worth the absurd sums of money their insights beget, and so are able to grasp the simple definition of debt AND its crippling consequences over creativity, let alone creative fecundity?

i mean seriously, who writes this stuff?


whatever happened to....ARTISTS ARE SUPPOSED TO STARVE!

suffer for your art!

ya need a college degree anymore to write some crappy hollywood movie aimed at stupid teens?!


Yearning to be free? Sure, to be free from paylng for what you want, and asked for. Crippling debt? Didn't you agree to pay your tuition? Didn't you apply for your student loans? Did anyone at the school, the bank, or the government coerce you? It's really a very simple part of real life; if one option, like school, doesn't work out, seek another option, like a job. It's really very presumptuous to expect others to pay for you to do what you can't do on your own. You might even find something you're even better at.


Thanks, Mac, this is a great idea. And for any yahoos that say the arts aren't essential, see in re cave paintings...duh.


Twenty five million dollars for five years of a program teaching a non-essential skill in a field offering severely limited opportunities. Is it any surprise they can only find investors for ten percent of the money they need? It shouldn't be long before they "demand" a government bailout. It's just more Obamamoneythink. If they can't afford it, just give it to them. These are not suffering artists. They are people who made very poor choices, and want others to fund them. If you can't make it in the field you like, try to get another job. Nobody is promised their first choice.


except you do realize, don't you sweetie- that the "yahoos" you so illustriously make mention of do count among their rank the very author (and piece) you've just read, that is of course should one prove ever so atuned to discern essence and depth, no?

note to self: important TO ME does not essential TO THE GREATER REST OF HUMAN KIND make!


... speaking of which, any of them cave paintings titled 'SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST'?

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