"The internship experience is for the benefit of the intern."
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"The internship experience is for the benefit of the intern."


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Unpaid Internships Aid Schools' Bottom Lines, But Do They Flout the Law?
Will work for credits
By Patrick Arden

Looking back on her unpaid internship, Jessica Kim says the experience was valuable. In the end, she decided to abandon journalism and applied to law schools. "Obviously everybody saw something in the unpaid internship that they thought made it worthwhile," she says. "But I wouldn't do another one. I'm graduating, and now I think I should work for money."

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David Yamada
David Yamada

There's a compelling case that most unpaid internships in the private sector run afoul of federal and state minimum wage laws. For those who would like to read a lengthier analysis, my law review article, "The Employment Law Rights of Student Interns," spells out the social, economic, and legal implications:http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/pa...

David YamadaProfessor of Law and Director, New Workplace InstituteSuffolk University Law School, BostonMinding the Workplace blog at:http://newworkplace.wordpress....


"In the end, she decided to abandon journalism and applied to law schools."

Talk about out of the frying pan, into the fire.


When will people wake up and see that unpaid internships are worse then sweatshops. Its not just exploiting the young and poor, its exploiting people with thousands of dollars of debt (and its often illegal).

I was once an unpaid intern. I made my boss thousands of dollars and had almost no supervision. So...

I started a law firm solely focused on ending illegal unpaid internships. www.InternLaw.com

Wake up interns!

This Wheel's on Fire
This Wheel's on Fire

Why is no one ever looking at the one of the world's most unregulated industries which is just ripe for the picking?The art world.Look no further than sites such as nyfa where jobs once formerly held by employees are now unpaid internships. All the art schools are lockstep and knee deep for years with this practice. Never mind the price of these art schools...


They're not just "working for free" they're PAYING for the privilege LOL! Students are PAYING for these "credits",

Wow, go work for nothing... how stupid. There must be quite a learning curve for students to overcome with this. Gheesh,

now think about this some more ... it's MORE corporate welfare!!!

STudents borrow low interest government money, or taking grant money from the government (*tax money) to "pay" for credits.

You just gotta laugh at the absurdity... Corporations are dipping in for all the freebies everywhere they can figure out a way to do so... and people are so gullible and naive they put up with such nonsense, and just go along, never question the status quo, never speak up or out about anything.


Hey Village Voice, do you pay YOUR interns?


They, in fact, do not. I know several current/former VV interns that are/were unpaid (and/or, required to intern for credit).