Bloomberg and Walcott Are School Dropouts

Standardized tests 'tried-and-untrue' method of measuring students' learning

"American education, at its best, teaches you how to solve problems, truly understand the material, question authority, think for yourself and be creative. It teaches you to learn what you love and to love learning."

This does not describe this city's public schools.

The kids, their parents, and those of us who give a damn are stuck with Bloomberg and Walcott until the end of the Bloomberg reign—unless there's a lot more pointed, persistent organizing and pressure from these same kids, parents, and those of us who ought to be ashamed to live and vote in a city whose schools keep producing so many lifetime losers.

Among those New Yorkers who are starting their campaigns for mayor, are we going to hear what they specifically are intent on doing to change the public schools into places where students actually feel that learning can—and wow, is!—an exciting part of their lives?

I'm ready to vote for Eva Moskowitz for mayor! Her Success Charter Network schools are for real!

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