Pazz & Jop Comments 2011: The Personals

Feelings, whoa-whoa-whoa

Ian Svenonius of Chain and the Gang titled his band's new album in 2011 Music's Not for Everyone, and perhaps he's onto something. Or if it's for someone, who is it for: aging boomers propping up the endless reunion tours of music from their youth, or Gen Xers propping up the endless reunion tours of music from their youth? Or the youth of today, who view digital music files increasingly as disposable content that isn't paid for, isn't owned, isn't worth keeping, made by artists that are no more noteworthy than the team that built a phone app or produced a reality TV episode?

Daniel Brockman
Somerville, Massachusetts

All my hipster friends like to point out that their kids have no interest in Justin Bieber or Katy Perry. Their kids listen to Fugazi or Ween. And that nine-month-old picked out that Motorhead T-shirt all by himself. Personally, I'd rather get the whole "I like stuff because you don't like it" phase out of the way early enough for them to develop actual taste afterward.


Pazz and Jop 2011
Joyful Noises
Finding the bright side of 2011
By Maura Johnston

Suffering from Realness
The spotlight shines on Adele's heartbreak
By Katherine St. Asaph

Written on the Body
tUnE-yArds, PJ Harvey, and St. Vincent get physical
By Eric Harvey

Guarding the Throne
Jay-Z and Kanye West try to bring back the group listen
By Mike Barthel

Games People Play
Lana Del Rey lights up the Internet
By Tom Ewing

Riding the Bummer
Drake and the Weeknd wallow in their miseries
By Nick Murray

The Incredible Shrinking Album
Pazz & Jop's album results get Soundscanned
By Chris Molanphy

Confuse the Market
Post-crossover, indie retreats
By Scott Plagenhoef

California Demise
Tyler, the Creator and EMA feel the bad vibes
By Jessica Hopper

Most Valuable Supporting Player
André 3000 has a great year without a single starring role
By Andy Hutchins

Just Dance
The year ravers and pop fans learned to (file) share
By Michaelangelo Matos

Top 10-Plus
The year's big albums, from tUnE-yArDs on down

Singles Going Steady
Rolling down from "The Deep"

Raves and Rants
Making cases for the great and the grating

The Personals
Feelings, whoa-whoa-whoa

Lissa Townsend Rogers
Las Vegas, Nevada

The critical establishment's dogmatic popism eliminates any consideration of the philosophy surrounding the creative and commercial genesis of music and elevates the aesthetic, so whatever sounds best must be best, and now somehow independent music has wound up in a place where Beyoncé is on the same purely aesthetic playing field that Sharon Van Etten is, because it makes you powerfully, stinkingly uncool to point out that Beyoncé is a meticulously calculated, choreographed, and focus group-approved product of the same system that Sharon Van Etten's forebears in independent music rose up as a direct response to. Suddenly Sharon Van Etten sounds a little thin without the help of a billion-dollar machine. Like Mitt Romney said: "Corporations are people, too, my friend."

David Shapiro
Brooklyn, New York

I used to be able to remember all the song titles from every album I bought. Now, something will be on the radio for six months, but one day I'll finally hear the song ID and say to myself, "Oh, this one is by Britney Spears"? This happens far more often than I'd like to admit. Maybe technology has made certain types of memory redundant (e.g. who remembers phone numbers anymore?) or maybe too many brain cells have decayed over the years. The second possibility is a scary thought. It means that one day I'll end up bedridden and won't remember anything about my past life other than the chorus to "Love Will Tear Us Apart."  

Barry Bruner

Much of pop music—with a few exceptions, and God bless Lady Gaga—had a bread and circuses flavor this year, especially as experienced online. As long as we're arguing amongst ourselves about Lana Del Rey or Tyler, the Creator, we're not discussing unemployment, #OWS, or the simple fact that the majority of GOP presidential candidates are certifiably batshit crazy.

Jim Testa
Weehawken, New Jersey

Lady Gaga: I believe she was non-Romney #19 for a few days in November. "She's a completely loathsome human being," explained an Iowa caucus-goer, "but she's very sparkly, and she's got way too much money to ever want to take us down the path to socialism." Her moment was brief, though, and she quickly found herself pushed aside by an even sparklier inanimate kitchen utensil.

Phil Dellio

After compiling my 10 favorite songs, I looked up the labels and was surprised to find that only one was on a major. That was unintentional, as was the fact that seven of my 10 artists have yet to release more than one album or EP. All of which, I think, speaks well for today's music, although perhaps not for the industry itself.

Bill Forman
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Britney in 2007 was splashing the waves merrily and thrashing around desperately, to do one being to do both. In 2011, the sea iss a lot quieter, but Britney's still in there with her childlike or infantile "Oops!" voice, never quite socialized. Pursuit of pleasure sounds like pursuit of sorrow and vice versa. Workaday dance pop, all good. "Hold It Against Me," that baby voice. . . . Does she imagine this is seductive? Funny? (My mom, b. 1923, insists the joke—in the Bellamy version: "If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?"—was old when she was a little girl. Probably pre-dates WWI, possibly the War Of Jenkin's Ear.)

Frank Kogan
Denver, Colorado

This year, for the first time ever, I had many, many moments where I said: "Huh. I've never heard of that band. Who?" Finally, I was either too busy (or didn't read the right websites), and so that meant I was behind the curve on what everybody was talking about. That bothered me a little bit, sometimes--but other times, I didn't mind at all.

Annie Zaleski
Lakewood, Ohio

So many people were prepared to declare Lulu an utter disaster on the basis of a 30-second clip of The View it never had a chance. Remember the scandal after Maxim gave a less than enthusiastic review to The Black Crowes' Warpaint on the basis of a few samples posted online? Guess we all got over that.

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