CAPRICORN [December 22–January 19] "The consuming desire of most human beings is deliberately to plant their whole life in the hands of some other person," said British writer Quentin Crisp. If you harbor even a small tendency in that direction, Capricorn, I hope that in the coming days you will make a concentrated effort to talk yourself out of it. In my astrological opinion, this is a critical moment in the long-term evolution of your healthy self-sufficiency. For both your own sake and the sake of the people you love, you must find a way to shrink your urge to make them responsible for your well-being.

AQUARIUS [January 20–February 18] If you go to California's Yosemite National Park this month, you might get the chance to witness a reddish gold waterfall. Here's how: At sunset, gaze up at the sheer east face of the rock formation known as El Capitan. There you will see what seems to be a vertical river of fire, also known as Horsetail Fall. I nominate this marvel to be your inspirational symbol for the coming weeks. According to my reading of the astrological omens, you will have the power to blend fire and water in novel ways.

PISCES [February 19–March 20] After singer Amy Winehouse died, actor Russell Brand asked the public and media to scale back their derisive opinions about her struggle with intoxicants. Addiction isn't a romantic affectation or glamorous self-indulgence that people are too lazy to overcome, he said. It's a disease. Would you mock a schizophrenic for his "stupid" propensity for hearing voices? I'm of the opinion that all of us have at least one addiction, though it might not be as disabling as Winehouse's weakness for liquor and narcotics. What's yours, Pisces? Porn? Sugar? Bad relationships? The coming weeks would be a good time to seek help in healing it.

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I love the Pisces horoscope because I am a big fan of The Surf Ladywho has gotta be more fish than anything!


this week is the 1st time in a long time or ever that this horoscope is way off. Capricorns putting their life in the hands of other? A Taurus lacking confidence ? I don't think so the real free will astrology on vacation ? just curious...