Will the Nets get revenge on the Knicks?

We all hoped for fireworks when the owners finally brought on some big names last season, but we’re barely seeing sparks as injuries have taken their toll—Carmelo Anthony is struggling with a groin injury, and the Nets suffered a worse blow when Brook Lopez broke his foot during the preseason. Revenge might fuel this match as the Knicks won the February 3 clash of Hudson River rivals, 99-92. Meanwhile, thank God for the Knicks’ Ivy League whiz, Jeremy Lin, a Harvard grad they picked up on waivers in December. After a sensational start, five fans were spotted in the stands wearing shirts that spelled out L-I-N-1-7. Here’s hoping the 6-3 point guard can lead a charge to the playoffs.
Mon., Feb. 20, 7:30 p.m., 2012

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