The Constitution Versus Ray Kelly

A new coalition is ready to take its fight to the commissioner

Also valuably, Communities United is “calling on the New York City Council to pass legislation calling for far more vigorous oversight of the NYPD.”

One of Communities United's members, the New York Civil Liberties Union, has done a lot of research on that accountability. As have other organizations on the list.

And in view of the searing loss of credibility and respect for the NYPD among especially students of color by Kelly’s badly trained, sometimes bullying School Safety Agents, that division needs real-life, real-time oversight from the Department of Education, which, under Joel Klein, relinquished all responsibility and accountability to Ray Kelly.

For additional, much needed educational initiatives by Communities United, its February Week of Action included: “Calling on the Bronx and All New Yorkers to Watch the Cops: Free hands-on Cop Watch training to learn your rights and get tips on how to educate the community and prevent police abuse. RSVP required. For more info, to request childcare, or to register, contact Peoples Justice:”

I will not be surprised if some of the participants in this coalition keep getting anonymous tips from members of the NYPD to look further into abuses of civil liberties and plain human rights.

There are cops who also want more accountability all the way up top. After several of my Voice columns on brutish behavior by School Safety Agents, I got a call from a cop angry at what he called the poor training that School Safety Agents get at Kelly’s direction.

Communities United for Police Reform has given the next mayor a lot to start with to provide the NYPD with ways to regain the respect of New Yorkers of all backgrounds—and to restore the self-respect of the police themselves.

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