Stevie B, Corina, Safire, and more return to the Bronx

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Lehman Center for the Performing Arts

250 Bedford Pk. Blvd. W.
Bronx, NY 10468

Category: Theaters

Region: Bronx

By now, everyone knows 1520 Sedgwick, the building in the Bronx where a young DJ Kool Herc threw the back-to-school party that is said to have birthed hip-hop. Lesser known is the Devil’s Nest, the long-defunct nightclub a mile and a half east where, 12 years later, Little Louie Vega spun the TKA and Cover Girls records that did the same to freestyle, the Latin post-disco dance music that dominated New York’s barrios in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Tonight, Lehman College hosts Forever Freestyle 6, the best freestyle show you’ll find all year, bringing Stevie B up from Miami and Corina from Manhattan. With Safire, Cynthia, Noel, Nayobe, Coro, Fascination, Strafe, and the Vargas Brothers.
Sat., March 3, 8 p.m., 2012