Spring Guide 2012: Which 'Wich?

Spring for some one-hand sammy classics

But for a real trip to childhood, seek out Peanut Butter & Co. (240 Sullivan Street, 212-677-3995), an unusual Greenwich Village spot that specializes in pureed goober sandwiches—chunky or smooth. This substance, which was reputedly invented by 19th-century science superstar George Washington Carver, was probably also known to the ancient Incas. For much of the 20th century, it was the brown-bag standard for kids—often further lubricated with grape jelly—until mass hysteria about peanut allergies saw the sandwich actually banned from many schools. Eating one now feels illicit. Especially if you head for one of the monomaniacal shop's stranger concoctions, such as the Pregnant Lady (p.b. and dill pickles), PB & J Club (a double-decker), and Peanut Butter BTL (with bacon).

Loaf around at Birdbath.
Sasha Patkin
Loaf around at Birdbath.

Of course, the five boroughs still have plenty of corner delis that fabricate old-fashioned sandwiches to order, though often supplemented with wraps, paninis, and other newfangled atrocities. Still, if you want something delicious, fast, portable, and low-calorie, you should reach for a thin, one-hand sandwich every time.

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