At Namaste Yoga and Tranquility Center in Williamsburg, tranquility doesn't end with the class's final corpse pose. In addition to classes in loving yoga, you can prolong your relaxation with cups of tea in the studio's garden. Students eager for even more repose might sign up for some of the center's healing workshops. In the "Beginner's Total Package Series," a six-week course, in addition to learning about alignment, nutrition, meditation, and reiki healing, you will participate in New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies.


You're a complicated, fascinating individual. A Facebook-status update or tweet is far too constraining. If you're seeking a broader digital canvas, consider "Basics of Blogging" at the New York City College of Technology in Downtown Brooklyn. The class familiarizes students with "blogging software, the use of multimedia in blogging, and constituent development." Fundamental computer skills are a requirement, but should you lack those, City Tech offers "Computer Basics" as well.

Can you hack it? NYC Resistor, a "hackers collective" based in Boerum Hill, certainly can. NYC Resistor offers a variety of computing classes, from basics such as using Adobe Illustrator and HTML, to advanced topics such as building an app, to more esoteric pursuits like soldering your own microcontroller. There are also weekly craft nights, a Web-development study group, and chances to hone in with Resistor's laser cutter.


Can you really understand the Arab Spring if you can't even say "spring" in Arabic? Columbia University's School of Continuing Education can help you learn the seasons this summer. The Arabic Summer Program offers rigorous instruction in Modern Standard Arabic "through texts, multimedia materials, and activities." In addition to daily classes, professors and assistants are available for advising and free tutoring. Field trips to cultural sites and a lesson in Arabic cookery are also featured.


Do you have a license to kiln? You don't need one to take ceramics classes at Choplet in Williamsburg. In addition to kids' classes and specialty workshops, Choplet offers eight-week sections covering all aspects of pottery: "wheel throwing, hand building, decorating, sculpture, glazing, tile/mosaic." Classes are available every day of the week and include unlimited studio time as well as 25 pounds of clay and glazes.

New Yorkers seem to have elevated busy-ness to an art form. We eat while we walk, work while we ride, text our way through leisure activities. Yet a few of us apparently enjoy that strange commodity free time. Why not fill it with many of the crafting classes available at 92Y? The East Side location offers instruction in ceramics, jewelry, and collage, while the Tribeca location boasts courses in flower arranging, calligraphy, and knitting.


Hunting with arrows hasn't been fashionable in the five boroughs for a few centuries now. But you can set yourself all a-quiver with lessons at Pro Line Archery Lanes in Ozone Park. In addition to sponsoring hunting and target leagues, the range offers lessons in Olympic-style archery by experienced professionals. And if you trust your child with weaponry, youth programs are available, too.

With the bridges, tunnels, and varieties of wheeled transport available, it's easy to forget that Manhattan is actually an island. But it is, and it's the natural deepwater port that made it so attractive to early settlers. Offshore Sailing serves to remind us of our watery locale. Centered at Chelsea Piers (with another location a short cruise away in New Jersey), the school offers two-hour sailing lessons, as well as three-day certification courses for those who take their maritime activities seriously.


T.S. Eliot has suggested that April is the cruelest month. Apparently Eliot was not a horticulturalist. Early spring is a delicious time to strap those gardening gloves on, whether at home or via a class at the New York Botanical Garden. New to nature? Not a problem. The NYBG offers numerous courses for novices. April's slate includes "Fundamentals of Gardening," "Gardening for Beginners," "A Garden Design Primer," and "Planning a Kitchen Garden."

There are fungi among us. And the New York Mycological Society knows it. The NYMS is devoted to the mushrooms in our midst, though, of course, they can't hold themselves responsible for any students might choose to ingest. In addition to lectures, dinners, and occasional classes in microscopy, the society offers summer walks in all five boroughs and teaches participants to identify species in parks, woods, wetlands, and cemeteries.


"There are no rules for good photographs. There are only good photographs." That's dandy for Ansel Adams to say, but if you're not as pleased with your pictures as you might be, some rules might be of use. On June 9 and 10, the Nikon School comes to Herald Square to teach two intensives: "Introduction to Digital SLR Photography" and "Next Steps: Color, Light, Technology." (And for those who don't mind traveling in pursuit of knowledge, consider Nikon's week-long seminar in underwater photography, held in the Antilles.)


Likely, you think you've already mastered basic abilities. Not reading, writing, and arithmetic. Think even more basic: seeing, hearing, standing. But the people at Life Labs believe you can perform these simple skills more effectively. Choose from courses such as "Seeing Lab," in which you'll learn to read people's expressions; "The Posture Tune-Up Station"; and "Logic Lab." The more daring can sign up for the "True Grit Adventure," in which a weekly letter sends you on new missions.

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