Courtesy Solid Objectives (
The huge tent snakes, the rat protests.
Courtesy D.C.C.
The huge tent snakes, the rat protests.

An increasingly savvy and plugged-in movement, Occupy Museums will hold its Frieze protest on the heels of the movement's May Day demonstration. Whatever the numbers—organizers estimate they will be in the hundreds—these young folks deserve kudos for publicly querying the financialized uses and abuses of art today. (This is also why, one presumes, they've been invited to "occupy" the Berlin Biennial later this month.) No mere go-along-to-get-along rule book for "How to Make It in the Art World," their evolving polemic stands as a work of art on par with Frieze's garden sculptures and Marina Abramovic's strip shows. Frieze hasn't kicked off yet, but the Occupy kids have seemingly clinched it: Zuccotti Park on Randalls Island deserves Best in Show.

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