Will Mayor Ray Kelly Watch Over Us?

Does the commish think he can stop-and-frisk the public schools into shape?

That bother you, Ray Kelly? What are your plans for these shut-out students and also undertaught kids with special needs and English-language learners?

Oh, Mr. Commissioner, what about the army of School Safety Agents in largely black and Latino public schools? In view of your record in having made you a defendant in a New York Civil Liberties Union lawsuit against police abusers of kids, what kind of a police commissioner would Mayor Kelly put in to replace yourself? A mirror image?

Please do answer that question during your campaign to watch over all of us, including the students who have learned to recoil at cops.


On another crucial educational neglect of New York’s and other students across the country, have you given any thought, Mr. Kelly, to meaningfully restoring civics classes in our public schools? I have reported here about a series of studies on how little many American students know about why they are Americans—and what it keeps taking to hold onto and defend our freedom of speech and personal privacy against governments—national and local—who ignore the Constitution’s essential separation of powers.

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor now devotes most of her time reminding all Americans, especially public school educators, that: “These students will inherit our democracy, and we must empower them to preserve it. Knowledge of our system of government is not handed down through the gene pool. The habits of citizenship must be learned, and our public schools were founded to educate students for democratic participation.

“The problem is we have neglected civic education for the past several decades, and the results are predictably dismal.”

Mr. Kelly, in view of what I have reported about your tenure as police commissioner, including your arrant suspension of much of the Bill of Rights—you ever read them?—can you give me any reason not to doubt that you give one damn about enabling our students to become knowledgeable, active citizens able to defend ourselves against our murderous enemies without forfeiting who we are?

All these questions, and more to come in future columns, will be addressed to the other candidates for mayor, very much including whether they believe our knowledge of government is handed down through the gene pool. And what they think of Mayor Ray Kelly as an inspirer of New York City students to become knowledgeable defenders of our American liberties.

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