Busdriver pulls into Santos Party House

As rap eccentrics from Odd Future to Nicki Minaj have bubbled up to the mainstream (and beyond), it has gotten considerably harder to seem like a true weirdo in hip-hop. Busdriver pulls it off: On this year’s Beaus$Eros—say it aloud—the Los Angeles–based MC layers his insanely wordy flow over busy digital beats that throb and shimmer; though he talks about “vaporiz[ing] weed with a Jacuzzi jet” in “Here’s to Us,” dude sounds like he has never relaxed a day in his life. Busdriver has collaborated with loads of fellow oddballs—including Flying Lotus, Islands, and Deerhoof—so there’s no telling who might join him tonight.
Wed., May 30, 7 p.m., 2012

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