CAPRICORN [December 22–January 19] I've been meditating on a certain need that you have been neglecting, Capricorn—a need that has been chronically underestimated, belittled, or ignored, by both you and others. I am hoping that this achy longing will soon be receiving some of your smart attention and tender care. One good way to get the process started is simply to acknowledge its validity and importance. Doing so will reveal a secret that will help you attend to your special need with just the right touch.

AQUARIUS [January 20–February 18] Due to the pressure-packed influences coming to bear on your destiny, you have Official Cosmic Permission to fling three dishes against the wall. (But no more than three.) If you so choose, you also have clearance to hurl rocks in the direction of heaven, throw darts at photos of your nemeses, and cram a coconut cream pie into your own face. Please understand, however, that taking actions like these should be just the initial phase of your master plan for the week. In the next phase, you should capitalize on all the energy you've made available for yourself through purgative acts like the ones I mentioned. Capitalize how? For starters, you could dream and scheme about how you will liberate yourself from things that make you angry and frustrated.

PISCES [February 19–March 20] Check to see if you're having any of the following symptoms: 1. Sudden eruptions of gratitude; 2. A declining fascination with conflict; 3. Seemingly irrational urges that lead you to interesting discoveries; 4. Yearnings to peer more deeply into the eyes of people you care about; 5. A mounting inability to tolerate boring influences that resist transformation; 6. An increasing knack for recognizing and receiving the love that's available to you. If you're experiencing at least three of the six symptoms, you are certifiably in close alignment with the cosmic flow and should keep doing what you've been doing. If none of these symptoms have been sweeping through you, get yourself adjusted.

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