Julie Delpy Rocks New York

Always more than an ingenue, she's taking on everything that's wrong with movies—and she's bringing Chris Rock

We're interrupted by a male executive from a distributor, a competitor of Magnolia Pictures, which is releasing New York in theaters and has already made it available on cable video on demand.

Delpy and the executive kiss hello. "What's going on, darling?" he asks.

"I'm OK. My film's coming out in August," Delpy says.

Stephanie Diani
Stephanie Diani

"Who bought your movie?"

"Magnolia. You guys didn't buy it." She smiles. "You'll regret it!"

"I want to see it! Why didn't we buy it? It's not me. I would have been all for it."

Delpy says, deadpan, "Because there's a black man with a white woman."

She's joking—sort of—but maybe there's a kernel of truth to the accusation, because instead of quipping back, the exec gets slightly defensive. "No, we did, we did, um . . ." He names a Chris Rock film his company distributed, in which there is no interracial relationship.

"Why, then, didn't you do me?" Delpy asks.

I realize she's doing something kind of incredible, in playfully nudging this mundane kiss-kiss Hollywood run-in into the realm of interrogation. The exec is smiling tightly, trying to keep the encounter light, clearly frustrated that she's pressing the issue. It's almost turning into an echo of Marion's conflict with the critic in Delpy's movie: Confronted with an opportunity to help herself via schmoozing, Delpy can't resist a potentially damaging confrontation.

"I don't know, I didn't see, because you didn't . . . when did you show it? In Sundance? I wasn't there," the executive says.

"In Sundance," Delpy confirms. "It was the day Bingham Ray died, so basically no one showed up. And Magnolia was so happy, they bought the film right away. But I'm happy it's Magnolia, actually. I'm very happy. We'll see. Inshallah, like they say in Algeria."

The exec repairs to his table, and Delpy turns back to her vegetarian couscous. "Inshallah, like they say in all those countries that hate Jews."

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She´s taking on everything thats wrong with movies? SHE IS EVERYTHING WRONG WITH MOVIES!! Possibly the worst actress/writer alive today!! The movie w ethan hawk made me want to kill myself!! 30 minutes of straight dialoge at a time, horrible! 2 days in Paris is the same, its shit!! I honestly liked her till I had to sit threw those 2 movies.. No joke I wanted to kill myself. PLEASE  never make another film!!!


So the mumbling executive is a jew? but you dont say so. and she makes qn anti-semite joke and you play it as a punchline? wow...... she got you pegged for a sucka huh. why u so afraid to tell the truth on her?


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Greenwich Village was the new culture petri dish in the 60's growth and birdcages walked the streets. Washington Square folk songs and beauty wore a slight tank top with Jimmy Hendricks smeared in front. At 10 PM cool horns flowed out from the open doors of The Village Gate, the newest trends were sold on West 8th Street. With a pizza slice in my mitt handball played with the Village professionals. It was grand once, Viet Nam was ever so hot it took most of your wind, there was body counts on the 6 o'clock news and photo details of fire from guns, soldiers trying to stay alive in your comfy living room, you eating potato chips drinking a beer.


Great piece on a great person! Linked on Sprawler:


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Thank you, Karina, this was a wonderful interview. I actually found myself a bit annoyed upon viewing the film at Tribeca, but now, I want to give it another look... Perhaps Delpy's strength is truly in her insistence upon showing all of herself, completely- even those intolerable, disingenuous, adorable, wise parts-which make up our whole....

Andi Perry
Andi Perry

I adore Delpy! Brilliantly talented woman! I'm definitely picking up today! Thanks, Voice


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