WEMP's Discovery Mission

New rock returns to the New York airwaves

New Rock 101.9 might not have very long to prove itself: The station's parent company Merlin Media flipped its Chicago outlet, which had also been a former haven for "alternative" music before its switch to news, to a format with the soft-underbelly name "Adult Hits." Meanwhile, up in Boston last week, the longtime alt-rock stalwart WFNX had its final broadcasts with its longtime staff after being sold by the Boston Phoenix to the radio megamonolith Clear Channel. And the station's innovative spirit might seem like a lot of same-old same-old in six months, or even six weeks, should focus group outreach discover that, well, people don't really want to hear that much new music after all. But for now, something new, or at least somewhat new to New York, is happening.


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Some minor quibbles  as noted in the article while they have a heavy dose of new acts for us non music journalists to discover you can't call yourselves "new" with half your playlist from the 90's. While the station is literally an "alternative" in this town, calling yourselves that sounds 1990's. "Classic Alternative" should have a place on a Sunday night show or a segment but that should be it.  Concentrate on the local "indie" scene, I heard there are decent ones in Williamsberg and Hoboken. All in all glad the station is here.


Yes I am old enough to remember when this place on the dial was "Punk/New Wave" in '79 and disco in 74.  



Thrilled to have this option return to NY!! My car is old so I have to listen to radio or CDs, and while I like some pop music just fine, I do not need 5 stations in NYC all playing the same 20 songs without other adequate options.  So far I'm loving this station's playlist and it reflects a lot of the live music acts my friends and I go to see.  I hope it stays!!


I'm really enjoying the station.   Seems to be targeted towards those of us who grew up in the 90's and are still fond of discovering new music.   I doubt it will see the ratings that a Z100 or Lite-FM does here in the city but hopefully it does just well enough that it sticks around.  Also, it'd be a nice to have another radio station put on a holiday show so there's an alternative to the Jingle Ball.


Because they are like Nickelback for trendoids.

They are just a crappy load of crap...

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