Rebel Diaz and Secret Project Robot Do Art Their Own Way

May we shift your paradigm?

"A group like Rebel Diaz is important, 'cause kids in the Bronx relate," Starz notes. "They're getting stopped-and-frisked like it's an after-school activity. So when we make music about that, they feel it. It becomes more than Rebel Diaz as a group."

"We create our own lanes," Starz reflects with wide-eyed sincerity. It's a view shared by many here—that art can be a means to political capital in the Occupy environment.

Friday night, August 3, South Bronx
Emily Berl
Friday night, August 3, South Bronx
Emily Berl

"I'm sort of pessimistic about whether art can change the world," admits Secret Project Robot's Nelson, as a purple sunset recedes behind the art space. "But," she concludes, "I think art can change your world."

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