Free Will Astrology

AQUARIUS [January 20–February 18] I don't expect your travels in the coming weeks to be like a smooth luxury cruise in a stretch limousine. Your route is not likely to be a straight shot through breathtaking scenery with expansive views. No, my dear Aquarius, your journeys will be more complicated than that, more snaky and labyrinthine. Some of the narrow passages and weedy detours you'll need to navigate might not even resemble paths, let alone highways. And your metaphorical vehicle could resemble a funky old 1967 Chevy pickup truck. It should be pretty fun, though.

PISCES [February 19–March 20] In medieval times, you didn't need a priest to get married, nor did you have to be in a church or recite a set of vows. You didn't even have to round up witnesses. All that was required was that the two people who wanted to be wed said "I marry you" to each other. Those three words had great power! In the coming days, Pisces, I'd love to see you draw inspiration from that lost tradition. Your assignment is to dream up three potent declarations that, while not legally binding, express the deepest and most loving intentions you promise to be faithful to in the coming years.

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