Gay Republicans Sell Us Down the River With Lies!

Some thoughts on gay self-loathing as Republicans convene

Just when you assumed gay self-loathing had been deposited in the dead-chicken bins, along comes a new wave of self-flagellation aimed to throw us under the hate truck. At a time when gays have made significant progress and other people are fully available to do all the hating, some gays crazily want to join in!

I'm talking about the wave of gay Republicans who grovel before the enemy, making lavish excuses for politically repellent candidates—you know, the Romney/Ryan ticket—who would gladly turn us into a subordinate class without any semblance of full equality. There's no one more self-loathing than the oxymoronic "grubs" (gay Repubs) who rally to the defense of power-crazed bigots, spinning them as champions of decency and fairness who happen to be grossly misunderstood. No, wait, that's nothing new. For 30 years, there have been Log Cabin Republicans, though they at least try to work within the system to change the party's attitudes and have managed some good deeds here and there. But the pip-squeaks over at the more conservative group GOProud—who spun off from the Log Cabins—have only been organized since 2009, so their pigheaded attempts to sell us down the river still have a rank newness.

This is the organization that decided Paul Ryan was "a bold and inspired pick," a guy who can lead us back on "the road to fiscal solvency." (Oh, good! He can get us out of the mess set up by the last Republican administration.) They also cite his vote in favor of ENDA five years ago (though right before that, he'd joined a movement to kill it), as well as a couple of other gestures, completely leaving out his votes against hate crime protection and same-sex adoption and in favor of Don't Ask, Don't Tell and Defense of Marriage. This intently selective representation of someone who could shatter lives is like a paint-by-numbers portrait that leaves out the swastika. "Paul Ryan opposes discrimination against gay Americans," lied GOProud, shamelessly. And James Holmes is a patron of the arts!

Blogger Joe Jervis, from Joe. My. God, tells me: "There have always been people happy to sell out their own community in order to fill their pockets. The rise of GOProud, whose leaders are regularly trotted out by the media as circus curiosities ('antigay GAYS!'), was merely enabled by the Internet and by the unending content-starved 24/7 news cycle. GOProud and their ilk ghoulishly denounce the 'homo-fascist left' while enjoying the rights and privileges hard won by the literal blood and tears of their brothers."

Says Dan Avery from the gay site, "I used to think it was noble for gays to try and work within the Republican party, but after more than a decade of GOP attacks on the LGBT community, I can't help but feel they're sadists." With an unhealthy dose of masochism thrown in, I'm sure.

To Thine Own Self, Be Truly Self-Loathing

The increased presence of GOShame—I mean GOProud—comes at a time when other forms of self-loathing keep manifesting themselves, even as we enter a larger arena of visibility and respect. Some of us are putting one another on the back of the bus, even as the sands of time are spelling "Come forward, people!" Sex apps have brought back a return to hollow obsessiveness, many times complete with internal biases ("No fats or fems") but sans precautions. The "don't dress up too outrageously and ruin it for us" argument still gets bandied about by uptight partiers. And the celebrity closet has changed its borders without fully foreclosing and moving far, far away.

Even the gays who come out nowadays only do so in a quick sentence rather than make their sexuality a headline. It's a little bit underwhelming, but at least they've come forward. Far less helpful to the cause are the "travolting" types who have no problem massaging old prejudices by staying completely silent except for furious claims of "Smear!"

In this environment, maybe it's not surprising that the Logo channel is aiming for less sexuality-defined programming, because gays supposedly don't want a home base for just gay shows anymore. Is this really progress or a big step backward masquerading as assimilation? I don't know, but when BET starts running Three's Company reruns because "that's what black people want to see," please let me know.

Meanwhile, a lot of twinks hate bears who hate muscle queens who hate lesbians who hate twinks. The early days of AIDS activism were terrifying, but we were all united in the fight, a real community brought together in the face of possible extinction. Today's relative complacence has stirred up way too much niche-based condescension and divisive drama queenery.

Yes, old habits die hard, but what you're also seeing is a reaction against progress; we want to go along with the flow, but we occasionally self-sabotage so we don't get there too quickly. Besides, despite all the advances, gay rights are still up for debate, so you get conditioned to think you're a second-class citizen and unwittingly fuel that with your own prideless antics. In that kind of mind-set, you might even think Ryan is your hero!

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Hats off to Musto!!!! when Obama is re-elected I think you should become the New Secretary of Gossip, with your office in the Rainbow Room!!!   MUSTO FOR SECRETARY OF GOSSIP  


Musto, go take a hike - in Dearborn, Hammtramk Mi, or East L.A., even Crown Hts. locally, with boyfriend and assert your gay rights.   Your, and most of my friends dream of Left-Progressive DEMs in full power will be your unimagined nightmare.  We are on the path already to a  U.S in so bad shape that gay marriage etc. will become meaningless when other freedoms are gone.


Maybe you will not be able to afford a diverse upscale in Manhattan neighborhood anymore sooner then the coming economic collapse or other buds can't and have to move to  those regular neighborhoods many of us live in. Or a private doctor to avoid coming clinic style health care for the 99%.   Only Tea Party tried to fight off economic madness, but the Republican establishment marginalized them almost as much as Dems bashed them

Maybe the economy will survive in better shape than expected with globo Rebubs and Dems dream for the Chinese model coming true,  keeping money in all our pockets if you don't make an anti-State fuss. 


Also don't forget you are still white and a male; the enforced equality of past anti-discrimination laws are now joined by new racial quotas in the Stim bill and all the huge new laws packages passed.  We will know the details as time goes on.  They may put gay white males further back in line behind more favored groups; don't be surprised - be nice! You support many of the orgs and Presidential "Czars" that that write these bills for Congress to rubber stamp for Obama to sign. That is the extra-Constitutional change in US govt. Obama and buds implemented .


Creeping Sharia is the only non-separation of Church and State your Dem progressive buds are for and what will you do if it is triumphant? Maybe not here for a long time, but the UK is sucombing fast - go try it there!.  The immigration policies of "your" party are changing larger and larger parts of US into foreign villages.  The Obama /Dems are greasing Greens shutting down US electricity and energy production as fast as they can but you probl'y like candles as much as I do.  Amongst  greatest real danger is the shrinking and PC US mil. enabling China position military to take, without a shot, what we owe them in debt if need be,  perhaps by taking some US territory as Chinese economic zones or other massive concessions [Hawaii, anyone?].   Obama admin finished giving the mil-security apparatus unlimited domestic surveillance and detention powers, far beyond what started under Bush..[You know of the detention powers in NDAA of 1/1/2012? ]


  I could go on with abuses of the Constitution and ethics that passed only because enough Repubs went along with, but this is enough I am 'holding my nose' against the worst of the Republican agenda and voting for the sake of the Constitution and the future of the U.S.Are you a denier or just bamboozled by Govt-media complex?  If a Romney admin is so bad, then if we are all still here, I will vote him out. The power to turn out incumbents when enough people vote is not the same as voting for the lesser of two evils. Be informed, read some media sources you name call at look at and do stop name calling - all of you.


What I wanna know is, why is Musto so concerned about gay marriage rights? What reasonable self-respecting gay man would wanna shack up with his fugly ass?


When are the God-Damn turdd-burglars going to finally give their bulllshiit queery rights a rest? Why do the rest of us need to know what they are complaining about?? 


Being a homo does not mean that you have to complain about everything. STFU for once. 


James Howard Kunstler in his column last week: "A perverse residue of those Civil Rights years lingers on today in the campaign for gay marriage, which affects to be identical in substance, and which is now, ironically, the only vector of action in Democratic politics inviting male valor - while it is also a huge distraction from many far more pressing tribulations we face, from resource scarcity to the well-being of the only planetary ecosystem we call home. I say, ironically, because gay marriage represents an existential endeavor that seeks to escape or nullify the fundamental tensions of the two-sexed human race. Like all things fashion-oriented, its essence is novelty, and the essence of novelty is that its charms wear off.  Sooner or later, the charm of being not quite a man and not quite a woman will seem less than compelling to those not directly preoccupied by it.


"I bring it up because the Democrats have (foolishly) made it the public's business to the exclusion of other things. So, for Democrats, the last remaining imaginable act of male valor in the arena of politics is to come out of the closet. Where else is valor found in Democratic politics? What amount of valor has been attached to the act of fighting to reestablish the rule of law in American finance, upon which the fate of the nation truly hangs?"

phoenixhillmassage 1 Like

 @billyjoe Gay marriage was the centerpiece of the 2004 election for the GOP. They successfully used opposition to equal rights to gain an iron grip on Washington. The culture war has been created by and for the Republican Party, a continuation of their racist Southern Strategy, to further their failed economic agenda that benefits only a small segment of the population.  It is the only way they can maintain what power they have left, otherwise they will have to debate the details of Ryan's budget and plan to dismantle Social Security, even some Republicans in Congress are distancing themselves from that unpopular extremism.


If not for GOP opposition, LGBT people would have gained equal rights years ago and this would not be an issue. Democrats have avoided the issue until public sentiment finally shifted in favor of treating LGBT people as equal citizens, only then did they have the courage to stand behind us. Republicans have forced this issue, not Democrats, placing state constitutional amendments on ballots in every election to keep it in the news, to help keep their base energized. As always, they're beginning to pay the price for their ugly politics of hate and division and now Republicans are tryhing to blame this so called 'controversy' on liberals. They cannot sustain the culture war forever, without it, all they have to campaign on are tax cuts and deregulation, vague promises of 'smaller government' that we've been hearing since Reagan, that they never deliver. What a joke.

harry2010 1 Like

one of the symptoms of any antisocial personality disorder is arrogance and disrespect for other peoples rights,this is a dangerous aspect of arrogant people... if you have to live with a person like this, seek advice...... @ricky_martin 

stanchaz 1 Like

To the nay-sayers, the tired cynics and the holier-then-thou  purists among us:

 Go ahead - vote for the Republicans, and then you'll REALLY have something to complain about!



phoenixhillmassage 2 Like

I've found that if you scratch a gay Republican deep enough all you find is another simple minded conservative who resents the 'welfare state' and believes that poor black people are to blame for all of their tax persecution. This resentment seems to outweigh any concern they have for the GOP's war against gays and anyone else who's not a straight, white male. When you point out the fact that white's receive welfare by a vast majority and the military industrial complex is what's really keeping them down, they will dismiss you as a mindless, pro-tax liberal who's been brainwashed by Rachel Maddow. Facts be damned.


Like raging, anti-gay Evangelicals, gay Republicans are a tiny little minority that's been lifted up by the media to shock and awe its audience, it helps to sell more advertising.

billyjoe 1 Like

 @phoenixhillmassage For many gay Republicans, it's more about family tradition: great-grandfather, grandfather, and daddy and other beloved family members were GOP stalwarts. For these folks, loyalty to their party trumps everything.


 @billyjoe  @phoenixhillmassage  What a crock!  Maybe they actually have brains and use them to realize the Dems are taking a political and fiscal path they don't like.  Your own bias and bigotry is showing when you assume you know how someone thinks.

billyjoe 1 Like

 @phoenixhillmassage  @dougl_fox Get involved in politics and you'll discover (and find it very hard to understand) the weird and illogical reasons people vote the way they do. Gay people allowing their loyalty to the Republican party to override their rights as American citizens is just one of the conundrums.


phoenixhillmassage 1 Like

 @dougl_fox  @billyjoe Yes, it's all about supporting  the fiscal path from the Bush years, $14 trillion in personal wealth lost with the crash of 2008, $14 trillion in debt and massive unemployment. 100s of billions in unfunded tax cuts, unfunded trillion dollar wars and unfunded extension of Medicare. Romney and Ryan are pushing for more unfunded tax cuts for billionaires, more trickle down nonsense. GOP for fiscal responsibility, what bull.

danielmadridb 4 Like

Michael Musto - thank you for speaking up! We are the same age; my gay journey has been in San Francisco. I voted for Harvey Milk, marched when he was assassinated, rioted when Dan White was found NOT GUILTY by bigots. AIDS killed more than half of my generation. We marched, we  protested, friends of mine started The AIDS Quilt (now held hostage in Atlanta so we cannot use it as a political tool - dark GRUB money must have been behind this). We in San Francisco also had a lot of fun. Under President Obama, the Gay Community has made more advances than under all previous presidents combined. Yet, I am devastated by our local "Gay" newspapers which used to serve as to inform, unite and awaken our political power. The San Francisco Bay Area Reporter - no longer serves to politically empower gays - it may be owned by GRUBS. President Obama is never praised for his pro gay policies - they never get a headline. If these stories are printed they are small and put in an insignificant spot. Neither the Bay Area Reporter nor the Bay Times have published articles condemning the overtly Anti-Gay Republican Platform nor their homophobic candidates Romney/Ryan who will reverse all gains made by the LGBT in the last 4 years and they will start by cutting all AIDS funding first. Our newspapers which once were the clarion call for gay power on the west coast have ceded that role (I think they have secretly been bought by GRUBS). These papers nit-pic President Obama even when we get major advancements. They should be using their muscle to get out the LGBT vote to support President Obama and push it readers to get involved with the campaign so we can help in swing states. I am elated that the Village Voice remains a Pro-LGBT political platform. Unfortunately I cannot say so for the San Francisco Bay Area Reporter nor the Bay Times - me thinks the racist mid-western Castro clones of my youth in the late 1970's are at the helm with their self-loathing anti-fat, fem, brown, black and asian policies of exclusion. I am very saddened by this. Seems like all of our heroes died in the epidemic orare just to exhausted to fight the good fight anymore. Not me - though I fight my HIV/AIDS with 46 pills a day - I will go down fighting and pushing for progress. Re-elect President Obama 2012.

jmmartin 1 Like

Bravo, Musto!  I had wondered when someone, anyone, would point out the oxymoronic nature of the phrase, "gay Republican," and you did it!  To sit there, surrounded by evangelical bigots and hate mongers, Tea Party types (and I don't mean partiers in tea rooms) and hide one's feelings while such venonous bile comes out of the mouth of the  Creep Veep...well, it's downright perverted.  (You should pardon the term, but if the shoe fits, the Log Cabinites must wear it.) This Ryan guy is just a little more homophobic than Tony Perkins (the PAC man, not the actor, after whom he was named).  Ryan dissed the most lgbt-friendly pol since Harvey Milk. Obama has done more for queer people than anyone in political history, and the Cabinites should know it.  Keep on telling the truth, Michael.  I just wish the Log Cabin lumberjackoffs would listen.


As a gay man, I will gladly vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket. My reasons (like that of any other voter) are personal. Even Rosie O'Donell once said that Michael Musto needs to STFU.

nativenyker 1 Like


 Sad that your "personal" reasons outweigh that of the oppressive sentiment your chosen candidates have in store for you.  but at least you will rightly deserve what you get.

danielmadridb 1 Like

 @TheTruthHurts you are a paid GOP troll. What do you get 5¢ per post?


 @danielmadridb  @TheTruthHurts Ahh yes now the real truth comes out in angry words for anyone who doesn't think like you eh Daneil?  You don't live what your preach.  Tolerance is a one way street in your neighborhood.  Pathetic.


There's nothing like a good, smug preaching to the choir. Especially for all you solipsistic leftists, evidently. Gays for Romney know there are more important things than everyone loving us.

xcsammy2004 2 Like

Lol I see stupidity comes in Gay as well. There are indeed much more important things than everyone loving us. How about the fact that almost all republicans hate us. Oh sure, the better republicans just want to ban us from each other's hospital rooms, make sure our spouses can be deported if they're not from here, keep us from filing joint tax returns, keep us from collecting joint social security, keep us from having our homes protected from being seized by the banks if our spouses go into elder care. And a ton more financial rights. And branding those Evil Injustices into the constitution is on the top of their priority list.Those are the better ones.The worse ones compare gay sex to bestiality. They quote leviticus, say we should be executed. Or at least that we should still be thrown in jail, fired and evicted for it. Because hey, they're reasonable and compromising.  Oops, sorry gurl. Almost forgot about how many of them support the "gay panic" defense. You know. When a guy beats you up for being gay. They were just in "gay panic". THAT S^%T is a real legal defense. Many Republican judges have granted acquittals based upon it. And many republican legislators support it. Oh yea, and they want to be able to fire you from military service- haha or any other job if they want!- because you'e gay.Wake up, dude. This matters. A lot.


Very lovley put but can we really cure hate with hate?

Koderkev 2 Like

@tampontammy How about we cure hate with intense dislike (and voting for Dems).

wings2 2 Like

PS: Logo embarrassed us with A List, then turned around and said "We're not going to go gay at all" (except for the drag shit). Don't we deserve better? Stick with Bravo.

wings2 1 Like

Great column. "Gay Republicans" are an oxymoron, like Jewish Nazis (as you pointed out) or black Klansmen. Fortunately they have no power whatsoever--they're just fun to make fun of.

at.MartinNYID 3 Like

I think that the Will & Grace and Gaga phenomenon are the very REASON the Uncle TOm's have risen out of the back rooms. Larry Kramer, et. al., have been trying to sound the alarm whistle for years - we are not just like heteros. 'Gay men are not just straight men who happen to suck c*ck" - Byrne Fone. We aren't interchangeable. 'Marriage' is a religious institution - what we need are legal rights not a battle with the Pope. And the sickest part of the joke - they like RYan because he may be attractive to some people.All this & more creates an ignorant, hostile group who thinks if they just chant, rant and whine long enough, Will & Grace will present them the keys to their upper East Side apartment. Ugh.

Page4 2 Like

Bravo, Michael!  GRUBS!  GoShame!  It's all true.  Thanks for spelling it out for us.

tjay229 3 Like

VERY FACTUAL story. I cant wait to see the response from Jimmy Saliva & Chris "talking out of the side of her mouth" Barron. They willfully advocate for those that want to harm us, its blatant self loathing. Good work Michael.

david0296 3 Like

Who needs civil rights (or self-worth) when you can get a 5% tax break? Anyone belonging to GOProud is emotionally defective, and has no moral center. Why would you support anyone that doesn't believe that you should be an equal member of society? It defies all logic and reason.


ldfrmc 2 Like

self-denial is as finely tuned a punishment as the damage any posse could inflict

ldfrmc 1 Like

"self-denial is as finely tuned a punishment as the damage any posse could inflict"Gay Republican?  A political and social S&M type.  At times, hard to tell who is playing which role.


 @ldfrmc I suspect these Republicans are masochistic bottoms with frat fantasies of being paddled into submission.

ladybug9 2 Like

The conservative gays will line up to throw mud back without copping to their bull. But you did great in pointing out their hypocrisy as well as that of the whole community at times.

jackson30 topcommenter 1 Like

Briliant column!

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