The Voice Lives!

Once again, this is a continuing Voice investigation. Back in 2008, Rayman brought us news of guards turning into matchmakers—pitting inmates to assault and abuse one another—and leading to the indictment of several Rikers guards. And this August, again with details appearing only in the Voice—he reported how a phony Correction Department task force to block the violence only made things worse.

Another Voice reporter who explores the inside story, Nick Pinto has not joined the many reporters across the country who felt the Occupy Wall Street story had had its time. He’s now into the plans of Occupy foot soldiers who are looking for more radical and visual ways to bring attention to the insatiable 1 percenters—as well as those who have the gall to upset the way bail works in this city.

At the same time, Pinto brought a harsh light to the injustices experienced by airport-security workers mired in grim working conditions at meager wages, while airport security is supposed to be an urgent government concern.


Who cares? You sure might in your travels.

There are still some skittish journalists jiving that the Voice will soon disappear. I’ve been in this news business across the country for a long time. I was also writing elsewhere than at the Voice during the half-century I was on staff here. (I used to tell my kids not to depend on any single source for a living.)

I knew what I was doing when I came back as a sideman and not a staffer. I wanted to show Michael Bloomberg and Ray Kelly, among others, that I’m annoyingly still around.

And I sure didn’t come to say Kaddish for the Voice.

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