Ava DuVernay Looks to the Future of Black Film

A moment becomes a movement

Middle of Nowhere
Middle of Nowhere

"The question is, how do we get more women to make a second film, and more men to make a first? That's where my attention is—building some kind of legacy around these films and filmmakers. They can't all be one-offs. We have to start creating names for these directors so you know a Tina Mabry film when you see it. And you know the difference between a Tina Mabry film and a Dee Rees film. And then, yo, where are the brothers? Barry [Jenkins], Dennis [Dortch], everybody's trying. I think my fear is a Theodore Witcher syndrome, which I really don't wanna see people fall into. He made a beautiful first film [Love Jones], and for all kinds of reasons, a decade has passed without a follow-up. I just don't want this moment we're in to be a wave that comes and goes."

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When you make a great film like Love Jones you don't need a follow up.  


@KRAUSSINTHEHAUS awesome article. Not sure about the men vs women thing tho. The statistics do not show this.


 @taylor Nah...we learn more through an artist's oeuvre than just one work. think about it: what might that brotha have to say about how that scene has played out today? Or about other "movements" or themes that he touched on in "Love Jones"? Hell, maybe he could even get Larenz back on the big screen, heh.


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