Ava DuVernay Looks to the Future of Black Film

A moment becomes a movement

Middle of Nowhere
Middle of Nowhere

"The question is, how do we get more women to make a second film, and more men to make a first? That's where my attention is—building some kind of legacy around these films and filmmakers. They can't all be one-offs. We have to start creating names for these directors so you know a Tina Mabry film when you see it. And you know the difference between a Tina Mabry film and a Dee Rees film. And then, yo, where are the brothers? Barry [Jenkins], Dennis [Dortch], everybody's trying. I think my fear is a Theodore Witcher syndrome, which I really don't wanna see people fall into. He made a beautiful first film [Love Jones], and for all kinds of reasons, a decade has passed without a follow-up. I just don't want this moment we're in to be a wave that comes and goes."

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