But just as The Matrix is about technology run amok, the Wachowskis themselves allow it to get the better of them. Abandoning sets for Speed Racer was a mistake, and watching the characters float within the computer-generated worlds is not fun nor quirky, but distracting. CGI characters in The Matrix sequels look rubbery—rewatch the playground fight scene in Reloaded to see Neo briefly turn into Stretch Armstrong while battling regenerating Agent Smiths.

The most evident thread that runs throughout the Wachowskis' films isn't any of the things mentioned above in those neat little compartmentalized sections. In fact, those divided passages are a good way of demonstrating the types of things the filmmakers never do.

The Wachowskis are devout followers of the basic tenets of storytelling. It is noteworthy that the novel Cloud Atlas is a fragmented series of stories and that the Wachowskis rewrote it to fit the conventions of filmmaking. Their movies are all tightly constructed narratives. They might get fancy with special effects or action, but they refuse to divert from quaint, old-fashioned mythmaking.

Their heroes, be they computer hackers, race-car drivers, or lesbian ex-cons, always behave as heroes. This means plenty of backs-against-the-wall escapes when you least (read: most) expect it and other tropes lots of folks dismiss as hokey or cheesy nowadays. But the Wachowskis are really damn good at it.


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Maybe it was implicitly included in the "Platitudes" subhead, but a key characteristic of every Wachowski movie is "Fake Zen Shit". One character bloviates to another, and it sounds like a Big Mind-Blowing Idea, but there's no THERE there: "You think you know what you know, Neo, but what you don't know is that you CAN'T know...and that is what makes us human."


The Wachowskis are not nearly as deep as they think they are.


The Wachowskis are true pioneers in the genre of "action" movies that actually make you think. I was surprised you didn't mention "V for Vendetta". Although featured only as 'producers', that amazing and at the time, rather controversial film had they're "signatures" all over it.


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