If you ever, like Alice, are fortunate enough to fall down a magical rabbit hole, you should at least have the sense to snap a few photos of the resulting wonderland. Happily, DUMBO's Rabbithole may be of some assistance. The gallery operates Brooklyn Central, which hosts eight-week courses in digital photography. But for those looking to take their snapshots with more alacrity, there are also three-hour workshops such as Crash Course: DSLR, Crash Course: Quick & Dirty Portraits, and iPhoneography 101.

Sure, these days everyone can take vacation snaps or cat photos and upload them to Facebook, Twitter, Photobucket, Flickr, Picasa, etc. But can they craft a daguerreotype? Well, chances are, neither can you, but those at midtown's Center for Alternative Photography can and are willing to teach you how. The center has dedicated itself to preserving historical and emulsion-based photography, and its upcoming workshops include classes in wet plate, platinum, cyanotype, and, the week after Halloween, spirit photography.



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Do you believe in magic? The folks at Tannen's do. Or so one hopes, as they've run a Herald Square magic shop since 1925. In addition to keeping the world supplied with trick decks and floppy wands, Tannen's also offers lectures and classes. Fall talks include Hypnosis and Mind Reading, Muscle Reading, and new developments in card magic, as well as beginner's classes in Coin Magic and Adult Magic, which sounds rather salacious.

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