The Show Does Not Go On

Sandy an unwelcome theater gate-crasher

But should audiences make the trek? On Tuesday night, Louloudes posted on Facebook, "Since MTA is shut down tomorrow and many neighborhoods are flooded, I hope our theaters will cancel tomorrow's performances."

Some theater makers did not know the state of their theaters as of Wednesday. Even as she readied herself for more make-do preparations, Callaghan worried about the show's East Village venue. She said that she did not know "whether or not LaMaMa itself or our rehearsal space on Great Jones incurred any serious damage—we can't get anyone on the phone."

Kevin Laibson, one of the founders of Magic Futurebox theater in Sunset Park, a Category A evacuation zone, had not yet been able to reach his theater. Laibson lives in Harlem, and after six taxis and livery cars refused to take him over the bridge to Brooklyn on Tuesday, he gave up.

"I've heard some warehouses have caught on fire, and I'm really hoping it's not our warehouse," he says. He is determined to make it down. "I'm going to take as many buses as I have to take and as many livery cabs as I have to take," he says. "At a certain point, I do have to face it."

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