James Bond Is Ever Less Relevant—And Still Beloved. Why?

Fifty years in, out of time

But despite the years washing over him and rubbing the edges off like a beach-lodged plate of brass, we continue in our adoration of Bond even though he shills for luxury cars, expensive watches, and that goddamn beer. We adore him as a self-controlled, classy lone wolf trying to save a chaotic world from itself. His sacrifices and thankless derring-do prevent him from having a real life and real relationships, and we admire that. He is still, despite sociopolitical and cultural changes, an exorbitant ideal—our hero.

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Moore was the most fun of the lot; light wit carrying him through the complete absurdity (lasers in space, elephant chases through India) of a typical Bond adventure. Getting pulled into a boat by a tourist in Octopussy: 'Are you with us?' - 'No, ma'am, I'm with the economy tour.' Classic; would take it over a milion sullen scenes of Craig sneering at another woman.


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