Ivo van Hove Blends Up Shakepeare in Roman Tragedies

And you can join his crowd, at BAM

Heated historical staff meeting
Jan Versweyveld
Heated historical staff meeting

For BAM's Melillo, simply seeing the show was enough to make him want to invite that anarchy into his building. “A logistical hurdle? That's putting it diplomatically,” laughs Melillo. “But we're BAM. This is exactly what we're here for.” He remembers going to Roman Tragedies in Montreal and knowing immediately how it could come, how it could fit into the Gilman Opera House. Van Hove remembers it slightly differently. “Of course, Joe has seen lots of our things. He has invited us many times.” (Most recently, Van Hove has visited BAM with the elegant, tech-savvy reconstructions of films, like Cassavetes's Opening Night and Bergman's Cries and Whispers.) Recalls Van Hove, “I said to him, please come and see it, and when Joe promises something, he does it. Afterward, we had a fantastic dinner together, but all through, he didn’t say anything! I was so stubborn, we ate for six hours….and I didn’t mention it. And just at the end, he said, 'It’s impossible, no?' And then in 15 minutes we made it possible.”

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