Holiday Guide: Sacha Gervasi on Mr. and Mrs. Hitch

The Director of Anvil! seeks out the woman behind the Master of Suspense

You mentioned Anvil! earlier. Have you kept in touch with those rascally underdogs? Dude! I just saw them in L.A. two days ago. It was brilliant! They're doing so flipping well. They're playing all over the world, making money from music, and having a blast. There's actually a massive connection between the two films because both are about creative collaborations, about essentially married couples who have been together forever and drive each other insane. [Laughs.] 

Hitchcock (Fox Searchlight) opens Nov. 23. See for more details.

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This movie looks like phony horseshit, and having Mirren play mousy Alma is like getting Meryl Streep to play the life of Abby Elliot. Hitch would not be amused.


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