KISS Drummer Peter Criss Absolves Himself of All Responsibility

Playing the blame game in his new book, Makeup to Breakup

Aside from one or two generic "Boy, I was an asshole" mea culpas, Criss rarely takes responsibility for any of his own failures. Crappy record companies—or the meddling of Simmons and Stanley—are to blame for his post-KISS records tanking. Others foisted drugs upon him.

The final two chapters of Makeup to Breakup detail Criss's recent bout with breast cancer and his deep religious faith. He uses the cancer episode to get in one last shot at Simmons, Stanley, and Frehley: "Every year I do a walkathon for breast cancer to raise money. My dentist sent in a grand one year. Did the band send anything? Not a fucking dime. They didn't even call me after I went public with my cancer."

At the end of the book, Criss writes what's already obvious: He's still harboring plenty of bitterness toward his former bandmates. Evidently, this revenge memoir didn't provide quite the catharsis he'd imagined, and it hardly provides the reader with any notion of goodwill toward the Catman. "I hope that I don't take these feelings to my grave," Criss writes of his anger.

Catman don't:St. Peter Criss behind the kit
Courtesy Peter and Gigi Criss
Catman don't:St. Peter Criss behind the kit

He should have kept his feelings to himself.

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