Are you worried Morrissey is going to publish his memoir and say everything you wrote is wrong?
Well, he may yet choose to do that. But his book is not coming out soon. No deal has been done. I can say that absolutely categorically. Whether or not he's written his book, it's not coming out in the near future. But I would certainly buy his book the day it comes out. I'm sure Morrissey has a lot to say. I don't have a problem with writing about somebody from a place of a little bit of a distance, because if you're too wrapped up in the story—well, for example, I always think autobiographies are a large source of salt. The band that I wasn't around for that I love was the Who. I bought Pete Townshend's autobiography and it's very well written. It's quite emotional. But factually, I know there are a bunch of things that are wrong there. I did really pour over my research material trying to make sure everything I got in there was factually accurate. And one thing I've noticed about memoirs from rock stars is sometimes they forget to do that because they're great storytellers, but not necessarily great factcheckers. I'm sure that Morrissey would write a very colorful autobiography.

British biographer Fletcher
Posie Strenz
British biographer Fletcher


A Light That Never Goes Out: The Enduring Saga of the Smiths
By Tony Fletcher
Crown Archetype, $30, 698 pp.

Tony Fletcher & Rob Sheffield
7 p.m.
163 Court Street, Brooklyn

It's very telling of the Smiths story that even their biographer couldn't get an interview with Morrissey.
Yeah. It is somewhat, isn't it? That's a point for you to make. I think you're right. I'll say, well-observed.

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