Buzz Off, Rihanna, Flo Rida, and Ke$ha! Here's Why I Hate Music!

If I sang this column onstage, you would make a shitty phone video of it

"We saw in the election how Bruce Springsteen is still the guiding saint of working-class white people. But if he recorded a song right now, there's not a radio format that would play it. There are no stations that play new, straight-ahead, old-fashioned rock songs. The Nirvana-style music supplanted old-school rock some time ago."

And now back to my own vengeful complaints: Curry in a Hurry is actually not always that fast. No, wait. That's for the next "Why I Hate Food" column. All this bad music has me woefully confused. Let me stop-stop-stop-stop.

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Andrew Roberts

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