AQUARIUS [January 20–February 18] Be honest. Have you had any of the following symptoms? 1) Lack of interest in trivial matters and a yearning for big, holy mysteries; 2) Unfamiliar but interesting impulses rising up in you and demanding consideration; 3) Fresh insights into people and situations you've known a long time; 4) An altered sense of the flow of time; 5) Out-of-the-blue recall of long-forgotten memories. If you haven't experienced any of the above, Aquarius, I must be totally off in my analysis. But if you've had even two of these symptoms, you are on schedule to get what those of us in the consciousness industry call a "religious experience."

PISCES [February 19–March 20] You just might be able to teach a statue to talk this week—or at least coax a useful message out of a stone-like person. You could also probably extract a delicious clue from out of the darkness or wrangle a tricky blessing from an adversary or find a small treasure hidden in a big mess. In short, you now have a knack for accessing beauty and truth in unexpected sources. You can see what everyone else is blind to. You're practically a superhero. Use your powers wisely, my friend. Be benevolently unpredictable.

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