2012: The Year in Review

From a deranged Dirty Harry to the rise of Honey Boo Boo, it was a long, strange, sad, and silly trip

As the affected returned to a state of dry safety—some faster than others—none of the angst could be washed down with a Big Gulp, since the board of health had approved Bloomberg's measure that would ban movie theaters and restaurants from selling sodas larger than 16 ounces. As a result, we wondered: Is this so Drake won't be able to throw large sodas? Can't we just order seconds? And won't this be another unneeded blow to—everybody now—the economy? Oh, well. Cheers (with 15 ounces) to a better 2013. Tan off, leg out, hand on hip, kick that empty chair away, and smile. And stop picking on Big Bird! Elmo, on the other hand . . .

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is this is the same guy 

Miss Jeri
Miss Jeri

Lovely pic. Great gams! Happy 2013!!


To hear Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Rabbinical Reflection on the crazy year that was 2012, please visit his blog,
shalomdammit.com, or this youtube clip:


Rabbi Sol touches on everything from movie massacres to middle-east mayhem, from Shades of Grey to marriage of gays, and from Sandy to Psy.

Here’s an excerpt:

“2012 was all politics, politics, politics.  From January on, all you heard was, “Who will be the Republican frontrunner?”  “How long will this week’s Republican frontrunner stay on top?” and, “How do you try to elect a new Republican president when the last Republican President was the worst thing to hit America since Eddie Murphy’s movie career?”

Rabbi Sol's Rabbinical Reflections are heard weekly on the Dave's Gone By radio program (davesgoneby.com) and then archived as text and audio on the Rebbe's blog, Shalomdammit.com.


Micheal won't you marry a poor, old, gay man who is madly in love with you and doesn't care if the world knows it??


You rapscallion! " (Grease is the word.)"..."a très Jolie pose"

 Oh, what a kooky year it was!

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