There once was a time when we had to live with red eyes, weird cowlicks, and the annoyances of some background figure photobombing a perfectly lovely vacation snap. But editing tools have put an end to all these infelicities. To learn how to best employ them, the NYC Digital Garage in Chelsea offers the four-session January course "Photoshop: It's All About the Image." Students will learn color correction, enhancement, flexibility of images, and automated features.

The acerbic author H.L. Mencken might have called New York a third-rate Babylon, but our sybaritic city provides a first-rate site for aspiring shutterbugs. New York City Photo Safari knows this, as each of its classes visits a particularly photogenic locale. Winter offerings include "Madison Square Park," "City Hall and Environs," and "Museum Inside and Out" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And what about those hanging gardens?


When it comes to clothing, men have it easy. While women have to agonize among skirts, pants, dresses, and the occasional jumpsuit (rarely a good idea), men can throw on a jacket and a tie and instantly appear presentable. So unfair! But if you'd still like to give chaps a further trouser leg up, you can enroll in the Fashion Institute of Technology's menswear offerings, such as Sewing, Tailoring I, and Tailoring II.


At the Museum of Sex, you can see naughty postcards, chastity belts, blow-up dolls, and some off-color Simpsons cartoons. But if this display doesn't make you feel sufficiently informed about human sexuality, you can also sign up for classes held in the museum's Oral Fix Bar. In January, sex educator and burlesque performer Ducky Doolittle will offer "Pop His Rocket" (a blowjob class) and "Girl 'Gasm," which will "demystify the female body."

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