"OK, this is my favorite story right now," says Horowitz. "There's this guy in rural Italy, obsessed with math, right?" She's talking about a book by Murray D. Lincoln, a founder of Nationwide Insurance and a champion of farm cooperatives (the kind of light reading she picks up for fun). "Then one day he shows a famous mathematician what he's been working on all this time. The mathematician's like, 'Oh. Yeah. You invented calculus.'"

Someone smart had figured it out before him. The models were already there.


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The freelancers Union does not qualify for the federal loans they received from the federal gov......The loan program is for non-profit organizations,,,,,,,,,,,,freelancers have set up a FOR-PROFIT insurance company under there so called non-profit organization,......Also the NYS insurance deparment rankes them last with respect to customer service.......Also they have called in for questioning by the house ways and means committee with regards to there loans and business practices........By the way if they fail.........we the tax payer will have to cover there 340 million ! dollar loan.,,....tell your congressperson and senators!........


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You can easily tell that the Freelancers Union is better than the government alternatives ... just notice that the government had to threaten to imprison people to get them to participate in its programs, and that even under this threat of violence, many of us refuse to participate   The FU, however, does not have guns to force you to use (or pay for) it's services ... it has to provide a service that people want, or nobody will pay!

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