Despite committed performances from Jinjur and the Scarecrow, everything is slow and off, a nightmare played at the wrong RPM speed: Listen to the distant, strangled, echoing voice of Jack Pumpkinhead, who sounds like a kid down a well; gaze upon the great, google-eyed madness that is the face of the Highly Magnified Woggle Bug; watch the uncertain gait of each actor, as they pick their ginger ways across a cardboard fantasyland that one wrong step could bring crashing down.

Most importantly, watch the final 30 seconds of this collection of clips, and ask yourself, "What, if anything, did they cut?"

[You might not truly want to see this madness.]



[We are not responsible if you find yourself Ozzified.]

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Thank you for directing me to Semon's film. His scarecrow must be where Bolger got his straw man inspiration. The difficulty in reviewing the Great and Powerful might lie in the fact that it is best suited for children, and we forget how to use our young eyes. Rather than try to match the '39 classic, Disney came up with an adornment that worked with its demographic. My 12 year old, who never liked Fleming's version, enjoyed this prequel. We live in Sweden and try not to read reviews before we see a film (difficult with delayed release times). Although I understand many of the reviewers' complaints, they are adult complaints. I would rather have my children see three strong witches with faults, than three hours of Hobbits without female warriors or a schitzophrenic, insipid Host.

But mostly, thanks for doing such excellent background investigation. I greatly appreciate it and will pass it on.

Kathy Omori
Kathy Omori

You started "Dark Side of the Moon", too late.


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