"Fag Hag"? "Fruit Fly"? By Any Name, They're Bigger Than Ever

Get to know the girls who like boys who like boys

But do the gays even want her there? Many of them love their personal GBBs, but even with advances in the rights arena, a lot of them still crave recreational ghettos and moan "Ugh. A woman!" when one walks in. "That's perfectly within their rights," said Lizzie, ever understanding. "But I like the ambience. It has excitement, and it doesn't come off as smarmy and predatory as straight bars." No, not predatory at all. In fact, a woman will generally leave there chaste, not chased. But she'll float home on shoes that were praised by gays!

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"Fruit fly" Lauren Gould and her boys.
Jena Cumbo
"Fruit fly" Lauren Gould and her boys.


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