The Sarah Silverman Program (Netflix Link)

Sarah Silverman's persona exerts such gravity that the excellent writers and ensemble cast in her orbit can go unnoticed. Did you know that The Sarah Silverman Program was co-created with Community's Dan Harmon? Or that Comedy Central fired him from the show way before firing Dan Harmon from awesomely funny shows was cool? Way less mainstream than Community, TSSP featured transgressive storylines and a willingness to shock -- charmingly, sweetly -- in an era when the network was more interested in racist puppetry than smashing icons. Like Community, the show is informed by a heightened and absurd reality, as much Harmon's influence as Silverman's. The show surrounded its star with big names from the last decade of alternative comedy, including Paul F. Tompkins, Patton Oswalt, Zach Galifianakis, Brian Posehn, Steve Agee, Tig Notaro and many others. (Chris Packham)


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studiesincrap topcommenter

The title of "Running Wilde" kept me from watching it. Punning titles on the names of sitcom character just make my brain sad. If JINGLE ALL THE WAY had been a sitcom, its protagonist would be named "Jack Jingle."

Harriet Vinson
Harriet Vinson

Ah...there's a term for that...which means other folks do it too...Phew!

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson

You guys accidentally put Burn Notice on your list.

kplo moderator communitymanager

I'm almost done with a heroic run through Battlestar Galactica. 


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