Yet Strindberg's impossible play has both the internal emotional logic and the often harrowing concreteness of actual dreams. The Hindu god Indra's daughter (played by Tina Chilip with fetching sweetness) descends to earth, only to discover that human life is a series of prolonged agonies, with poetry the sole alleviation.

Tom Hanks plays journalist Mike McAlary.
Joan Marcus
Tom Hanks plays journalist Mike McAlary.


Lucky Guy
by Nora Ephron
Broadhurst Theatre
235 West 44th Street

A Dream Play
by August Strindberg, adapted by Sung Rno and Andrew Pang
143 Dominick Street

For over a century, the script has been a playbook for experimental theater worldwide. Yet New York, in my four decades of reviewing, has done it shamefully little honor. Andrew Pang's production, with an Asian-American cast, brings Strindberg pathetically little three-dimensional life, but at least lets you hear a reasonable sampling of his words (in a stilted adaptation by Sung Rno and Pang). Someday, I hope, our theater will catch up with his dream from 111 years ago.

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