6. He's relentlessly cheerful.

It's no surprise that while local TV news is notoriously stacked with stories of violent black men, the commercials between those scare segments feature black spokesmen shilling Coke and Old Spice with big, toothy grins. This image of corporate-friendly masculinity -- amiably parodied by Kenan Thompson on SNL as Corey, "the one black guy in every commercial" back in February -- cements the NTBM as a vaguely aspirational figure and a likable helper-buddy to all white folk.

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if you think - "Quentin Tarentino is one of the rare white "prestige" directors who consistently create fascinating, fully fleshed-out roles for threatening black actors - 

COME ON... You can't be serious. Ving Rhames was ANAL RAPED in Pulp Fiction and Sam Jackson quoted the bible while dripping with Jheri Curl juice. 

This is a really bad article.... Is your point to turn off black readers?


As a writer, Ms Kang is forging something of a career out of willfully misrepresenting situations to score cheap points, but this article is her most brazen attempt at pure sophistry yet. Laughable.



Oh,shut up----I like this article,because frankly, it tells the truth----all you have to do is look at the most recent hit films featuring both black male and female protagonists (42, The Help)  which pretty much make the author's point by themselves. When's the last time you saw a film where a black person was the main protagonist without being someone who had to always this long-suffering type that had to always be turning the other cheek (with the exception of Think Like A Man & Red Tails, or any indie film made by black directors, like Medicine For Melancholy & Middle of Nowhere.) 

That's exactly the kind of black characters Hollywood prefers in their films---specifically ones whose always remain just a part of the backdrop of a white character's life, as opposed to being shown as having rich and full lives themselves---you only see that in films made by black directors,where black characters are seen as full,complex characters in their own right for a change--you rarely see that in Hollywood films,because 99% of the stories coming from H-wood are about white people anyway,as if nobody else worth making a film about exists.


@james.deavoll I personally enjoyed reading this article. But I'm curious to find out what you meant by "willfully misrepresenting situations"... which situations? Examples?


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