Lil Bub & Friendz: You say you never look at viral cat videos, but come on: You're a person alive now, so you do. Andy Capper and Juliette Eisner's compact little doc explores the mystique of cat memes—mewms?—like Keyboard Cat, Nyan Cat and Grumpy Cat. More importantly, it chronicles the adventures of the Internet's beloved dwarf cat Lil Bub who, with her winsome eyes and caterpillar crawl, is surely the pick of the litter.

Lily: Tribeca is a New York festival, so it's fitting to cap off our list with a picture that's pure New York. In Matt Creed's modest, marvelous debut, Lily, the title character—played by newcomer Amy Grantham, who also co-wrote the script—fills her days by being a stepmom to two rambunctious kids, a girlfriend to a much older man, and an observant wanderer in the city. She stops to look at everyday things—an Asian woman picking through a litter basket for bottles, a crazy dude spouting bizarrely sage-sounding nonsense on the street—as if they weren't incidental to her life. Lily, it turns out, is also finishing up treatments for cancer (the story is based partly on Grantham's own experience), but don't think of it as a cancer movie. It's more about being alive to the world around you—in this case, a city that smells bad, costs too much, and teems with weird people—and never thinking for a minute you'd rather be anywhere else.


Tribeca Film Festival
April 17–28
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