Free Will Astrology: May 1-7, 2013

ARIES [March 21–April 19] Are you afraid that you lack a crucial skill or aptitude? Do you have a goal that you're worried might be impossible to achieve because of this inadequacy? Now is a good time to fill in the gap. If you formulate such an intention, you will attract a benevolent push from the cosmos. Why spend another minute fretting about the consequences of your ignorance when you have the power to correct that ignorance?

TAURUS [April 20–May 20] Imagine you're in a large room full of costumes, a masquerade store at Halloween plus a storage area where a theater troupe keeps all its apparel. You can try on different masks and wigs and disguises and get-ups. You can envision yourself living in different eras. If you like, you can even go out into the world wearing your new identities. Try this exercise; it'll stimulate good ideas about some new self-images you might want to play with in real life.

GEMINI [May 21–June 20] As Ray LaMontagne sings in "Empty," "I looked my demons in the eyes/Laid bare my chest and said, 'Do your best to destroy me/I've been to hell and back so many times/I must admit you kind of bore me.'" I wouldn't be opposed to you delivering a message like that to your own demons—with one caveat: Leave out the "Do your best to destroy me" part. Peer into the eyes of those demons and say, "You bore me and I'm done with you," And walk away from them for good.

CANCER [June 21–July 22] I know a devotee of Tibetan Buddhism who got an unexpected message from her teacher. He told her she has made such exemplary progress in her quest for enlightenment that when she dies, she will enter nirvana! She will have no further karmic obligation to reincarnate into a new body in the future, and will be forever excused from the struggle of living in the material world. Although her teacher meant this to be good news, she was heartbroken. She wants to keep reincarnating. Her joyous passion is to help relieve the suffering of her fellow humans. Like her, many of you are flirting with an odd and challenging choice between selfishness and selflessness.

LEO [July 23–Aug. 22] A lawyer named John Keogh filed an application with the Australian Patent Office. It was for a "circular transportation facilitation device." His claim was approved. He thus became the owner of the world's first and only patent for the wheel. So far, he has not tried to collect royalties from anyone who's using wheels. I nominate him to be your role model. May he inspire you to stamp your mark on a universal archetype or put your spin on something everyone knows and loves.

VIRGO [Aug. 23–Sept. 22] This may be the best week in a long time to practice the art of crazy wisdom. Novelist Tom Robbins described crazy wisdom to Shambhala Sun as "a philosophical worldview that recommends swimming against the tide, cheerfully seizing the short end of the stick, embracing insecurity, honoring paradox, courting the unexpected, celebrating the unfamiliar, shunning orthodoxy, volunteering for tasks nobody else wants or dares to do, and breaking taboos in order to destroy their power. It's the wisdom of those who turn the tables on despair by lampooning it." And why should you do any of that? Robbins: "To enlarge the soul, light up the brain, and liberate the spirit."

LIBRA [Sept. 23–Oct. 22] "Why should we honor those that die upon the field of battle?" asked William Butler Yeats. "A man may show as reckless a courage in entering into the abyss of himself." A woman may show similar bravery, of course. In my astrological opinion, that's the noble adventure beckoning to you: a dive into the depths of your inner workings. I hope that's the direction you go; all the best action will be happening in that fertile hub known as your "soul."

SCORPIO [Oct. 23–Nov. 21] Historical records suggest that ancient Greek philosopher Democritus went blind late in life. According to one account, he gazed too long into the sun. That was his perverse way of solving a vexing problem: It freed him from the torment of having to look upon gorgeous women who were no longer interested in him because of his advanced age. I suggest you take the opposite approach: Focus on things that stir your deep attraction, even if you think you can't have them. Valuable lessons and unexpected rewards will emerge from such efforts.

SAGITTARIUS [Nov. 22–Dec. 21] Search your memory for a time when you pushed yourself to your limits as you labored over a task you cared about very much. At that time, you worked with extreme focus and intensity. You were rarely bored and never resentful about the enormous effort you had to expend. You loved throwing yourself into this test of willpower, which stretched your resourcefulness and compelled you to grow. What was that epic breakthrough in your past? Once you know, move on to your next exercise: Imagine an assignment that fits this description, and plan to bring it into your life.

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