CAPRICORN [Dec. 22–Jan. 19] Nairobi is Kenya's capital and home to over 3 million urbanites. A few minutes' drive from the city center, there's a 45-square-mile national park teeming with wildlife. Against a backdrop of skyscrapers, rhinos and giraffes graze. Wildebeests roam and hyenas skulk. I suggest you borrow the spirit of that arrangement and invoke it in your own life: Be highly civilized and smartly sophisticated part of the time; be wild and free the rest of the time. Go back and forth between the two modes with grace and ease.

AQUARIUS [Jan. 20–Feb. 18] A wild tiger's diet consists entirely of meat. The hunt is always solitary, and a tiger snags its prey only about 5 percent of the time. Nevertheless, a tiger rarely starves. When it gets what it's after, it can devour 75 pounds of food in one sitting. You're like a tiger these days: You haven't had a lot of lucky strikes lately, but I suspect you will soon hit the jackpot.

PISCES [Feb. 19–March 20] The French word flâneur refers to a person who strolls around the city at a leisurely pace, exploring whatever captivates her imagination. To the casual observer, the flâneur may seem to be a lazy time-waster, but she is in fact motivated by pure curiosity and is engaged in a quest to attract novel experiences, arouse fresh insights, and seek new meaning. Sound fun? Well, congratulations, because you have been selected as the Flaming Flâneur of the Zodiac for the next two weeks. Get out there and meander!

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